"The Shiflett Brothers are to sculpting what Frank Frazetta is to painting." -John Howe, Concept Artist, The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy

Monday, August 23, 2010

Comic-Con was an absolute blast. Jarrod and I talked to a ton of cool artists and sculpting afficianados. Many, many cool projects were discussed. Got to hang with our design guru Chad Michael Ward, movie sculptor Damon Bard, the Coilhouse girls, Todd McFarlane, Brom, Hollywood sculptor Dan Platt, Cathy and Arnie Fenner from Spectrum, sculptor Paul Komoda, Kotobukiya sculptor Erick Sosa, Sideshow sculptor Tim Miller, Artist Proof's Norm Meyers, legendary sculptor Clayburn Moore, and lots of dudes and girls from our Sculpting Forum.

The above photos are a highlight of the Con for us. The newly knighted Sir Richard Taylor of the Weta Workshop came by and spent about 10 or 15 minutes in our booth. He's been a great champion of mine and Jarrod's work and we really appreciate his taking the time.

As you can see in one of these pics, our Mom was there this year, too! It was a real treat to introduce her to some of these great artists and heroes of ours.

See you at Comic-Con 2011!


  1. Sweet! If you guys are going to be at the next Austin con I will DEFINITELY make another appearance--it was awesome to get to meet you and I loved your panel!

  2. I saw your work first at comicCon 2009. I really stood out for my me. I'm watching your gnomon dvd right now. Very inspiring guys, fantastic stuff.
    We'll there be a resin kit of the barbarian you making in the dvd?