"The Shiflett Brothers are to sculpting what Frank Frazetta is to painting." -John Howe, Concept Artist, The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monsterpalooza 2010

We had a blast in Los Angeles at Monsterpalooza. The sculpting talent in the room was just mind-blowing. We got to meet the legendary sculptor/creator of the Predator/director Steve Wang, Guillermo Del Toro, & J.J. Abrams. We spoke with Oscar winning Makeup FX Artist Rick Baker. Jarrod and I did a Demo Panel for Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine that went reasonably well (meaning we didn't puke on ourselves from fear) and we worked on a very cool jam piece with some true legends of the field. We got to see friends including the amazing sculptors Damon Bard (Coraline), Paul Komoda and Norm Meyers (Artist Proof Studio), and Simon Lee (AKA Spiderzero). And even older friends Airbrush Master Jeff Pittarelli and our Designer/Photog Extraordinaire Chad Michael Ward were in attendance.

But the highlight of the weekend was Saturday Night at Jordu Schell's Studio. We were honored to be invited, along with about 30 others to go to Jordu's drink some beers, eat some pizza and talk shop. Jordu's work is a big inspiration to me and Jarrod. The place is kinda like a Cathedral of Sculpting and the experience for two boys from Texas was quasi-religious. It was great being there with Damon, Paul, and Norm as well as Kit Painter Phil Sera and sculptor Casey Love. Jordu himself was, as usual, a fucking riot.

Thanks to Kimberly, Chad, Norm, AFM's Terry Webb, Monsterpalooza's Eliot Brodsky and everybody who made this trip so much fun for us. Cheers to all!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Jarrod and I are heading to L.A. this weekend for Monsterpalooza: The Art of Monsters. We will have kits and statues on display and available. We will have brand new Komodo King Resin Kits, the very first ones from the caster, just in time for the show. We will also have a few in-progress pieces, including the Wayne Barlowe collaboration piece, Thype. We're doing a Sculpting Panel for Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine on Sunday. Please stop by our table and say hi. Warning: we might be drunk for the duration of the show.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Juggernaut Re-Release

We were thrilled to learn that Bowen Designs was re-releasing our Juggernaut Statue in a Faux Bronze Style. We collaborated on this sculpture with Randy Bowen himself and people really seemed to love the finished product when the original painted statue came out.

This was an absolute labor of love for us (as was all of our Marvel work) because the Juggernaut was one of Jarrod's favorite characters growing up. No one needed to tell us who he was or what he was about...all the research had already been done during our misspent youths. We still talk amongst ourselves about a bar fight between Colossus, Wolverine, and Juggy from an X-Men comic that must be over 20 years old now. (We're showing our age!)(And our geekiness!)

One of the reasons our Bowen Designs work is popular is that Randy kept giving us these incredible characters to work with. He never even suggested we work on a back up type character, even though Bowen Designs produces many sought after statues of second tier Marvel characters. But he gave us The Hulk, The Juggernaut, Thanos, Spidey vs. Venom, and the Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Black Panther mini-busts. We felt honored to be on every one of these jobs. We will always be indebted to Randy for this. Thanks so much RB!

Nothing can stop the fucking Juggernaut!